These are the best trails of São Miguel Island!

São Miguel is an island full of natural beauties and many of them are hidden. So you have to hike a bit to be able to find them. In this article we will mention some of the best trails, so you can see the paradise of an island in the middle of the Atlantic!

Grená Trail

The Grená trail is one of the most beautiful trails in São Miguel. Containing several types of plants, a magnificent garden for family strolls, incredible landscapes with a lot of history, perfect for having fun while you are there. For example canoeing, renting a bike, and much more!

The duration of the trail is about 2 hours and 30 minutes. It is a super accessible trail, despite its long duration.

Quatro Fábricas da Luz Trail

The Quatro Fábricas da Luz Trail is located in the parish of Água d’ Alto. Along this trail we can appreciate several historical data, related to hydroelectric production and energy distribution. On this trail we can see 4 factories, but only one of them is in operation.

The duration of the trail is about two hours. It is a simple trail, but take a good pair of shoes and a bathing suit to refresh yourself in the waterfalls.

trilhos São Miguel - quatro fábricas
Waterfall in Quatro Fábricas da Luz Trail

Pico da Vara Trail

For those who do not know, Pico da Vara is the highest point in Portugal, with 1103 meters of altitude, located in the Nordeste municipality. This trail is surrounded by the protected area for the management of habitats and species of Tronqueira and Planalto dos Graminhais.

The duration of the trail is about three hours. Get ready for this adventure, because the closest places to start the trail are Algarvia, Planalto dos Graminhais or Santo António Nordestinho.

Beach Trail –  Fogo Lake

The Lagoa do Fogo or Fogo Lake is one of the largest in the Azores. It is inside a crater of a volcano that erupted about fifteen thousand years ago. Despite its long history, this lagoon is still the most recent on the island, located in the municipality of Ribeira Grande. It is a prestigious lagoon for the island, due to its drinking water supply.

The trail is a little steep, however the duration of the trail is around two hours.

trilho São Miguel - lagoa do fogo
View to the Lagoa do Fogo on São Miguel Island

 Cascata Moinho do Félix Trail

On the Cascata Moinho do Félix Trail we have the opportunity to enjoy three beautiful waterfalls, a well and the Moinho do Félix itself, located in Lomba de São Pedro, in the municipality of Ribeira Grande. It is a trail full of vegetation and flora, where you can enjoy its beautiful scenery!

It’s a two-hour trail, but don’t be in a hurry to finish it! Enjoy nature and have fun with everything it has to offer!

Now that you know the most beautiful trails on São Miguel, put on your boots, bring a snack for your hikes, and a bathing suit to dive into the cooler and clearer waters of the waterfalls. São Miguel is an adventure, and there is nothing better than being part of it! Enjoy a rest with Azoresbeds, to relax after a busy day!