The best pastries in São Miguel!

When traveling to a new destination, we are always curious to try the main dishes and typical sweets. Traveling to the Azores would be no different and since we have a huge variety of fantastic pastries we want to help you with this difficult task!

Queijadas da Vila

The Queijadas da Vila, earned its name for its place of origin, Vila Franca do Campo. The recipe was created by the nuns of the former Convent of Santo André and is a very popular and consumed sweet in the region. These queijadas have milk, egg yolks and sugar in their composition, which gives them an incredible texture and flavor! You can see how they are made in Fábrica das Queijadas da Vila do Morgado, as they are also popularly called.

Queijadas da Vila - Morgado - Açores

Photo Credit: By Açores


Pico or Nevão is a very popular sweet in São Miguel, and you can find it in any pastry shop or bakery. It consists of a pastry filled with coconut and egg cream, with a fantastic coconut topping.

Besides the traditional ones, you can also try the Picos with chocolate, which besides the egg cream have a delicious chocolate filling.

Fofas da Povoação

Passing through the town of Povoação without trying the famous Fofas doesn’t make any sense! This is a very typical candy whose dough is very similar to an éclair and is filled with vanilla, lemon and butter. For the finishing touch, Fofa isn’t Fofa without a chocolate string on top! You can find this sweet in any café in Povoação and delight yourself with this delicacy.

Fofas da Povoação - São Miguel - Açores

Photo Credit: By Açores 


Malassadas are a typical sweet here in the Azores, but you’ll hardly find them at any time of the year. They are usually prepared during the carnival season, and are defined as one of the symbols of the Azorean carnival! They consist of a dough very similar to doughnuts, which is fried and rolled in sugar, getting a delicious look that promises to delight at first bite.

Bolo Lêvedo das Furnas

Another delicacy of the island are the famous Bolos Lêvedos. Original from the village of Furnas, this cake is composed mainly of eggs, flour, sugar, butter and milk.

You can find them in any supermarket, but the originals are in Furnas, and are made by Maria da Glória Moniz or Rosa Quental, two producers of these cakes that delight those who visit us!

Bolos Lêvedos

Photo Credit: Tá Consolando


Take the opportunity to try all these fantastic sweets on your next trip to São Migueland of course you can’t miss staying in one of our accommodations, the booking process is simple, contact us now!